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How to Make Sharpie Patterned Pumpkins

I didn’t realize it but over the years, it has become one of our specialties to create fun, simple, fast tutorials for no-carve Halloween pumpkins! I started looking in our pumpkin archives and realized we have quite a little library. Maybe I can credit it to the fact that I truly dislike removing pumpkin guts, so I tend to err on the side of NOT carving anything. Haha!

This year, I had an itch to draw some little Halloween icons, so we went super classic and just got out the trusty Sharpie pens. I think a fresh black Sharpie looks so cool on a little white pumpkin. One trick I learned in making these is to be sure your Sharpies have fresh tips (not smushed or used up too much) and lots of ink. That will keep your designs looking clean and crisp.

I wanted to find a way to make this pretty much no-fail and foolproof, so I drew up a little chart on how to draw each little icon. It’s kind of like those old how-to-draw books, where they walked you through drawing things by just starting with a basic shape and adding more shapes to it. Then, if you want to branch out and go crazy, I added a few other little patterns or ideas below. You can look back through our old pumpkin designs to get an idea of how some of those look on a pumpkin project.

How to Make Sharpie Pattern Halloween Pumpkins

So! Before you start, it might be helpful to count the sections on your pumpkin. Every pumpkin is shaped differently, but they all have vertical sections created by the little “seams” that run down their sides. I like to count the sections first to know how many there are and plan accordingly. Then you can decide whether you want to stagger your design, put it on every section, or space it out any way you prefer.

Then just draw your designs on! You can go piece by piece if you like (for instance, if you’re drawing cats, do all the ovals first, then go back and add ears and whiskers), or complete each icon before moving on to the next. Just keep an eye on your spacing as you go.

How to Make Sharpie Pattern Halloween Pumpkins

These look SUPER cute arranged with some other pumpkins that are solid in color to contrast with the patterns. They’re a fun little surprise to see among a big group of pumpkins.

Be sure to check out our other pumpkin ideas and let us know which ones you’ve tried! xoxo

How to Make Sharpie Pattern Halloween Pumpkins

How to Make Sharpie Pattern Halloween Pumpkins

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